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Top among other reasons, VTC hires people because their unique value proposition, i.e. generally their ability to think, fixes a business problem they face and there are no other cheaper or more effective alternatives.

For example, VTC hires a marketer because we are facing a business problem: a lack of customers.

  • Recruiting: VTC Job opportunities are made public first through our job portal and could be found on other platforms. All applications are required to verify if the job they found on other platforms are available on our job platform and each applicant go through the same filter of written tests and interviews before a jury including managers of the services concerned. The candidates with the highest marks are selected.

  • Salary & Incentives: It is based on fixed and variable pre-established bases, while being sufficiently competitive to attract and retain the best talents of the tech sector in Cameroon. This remuneration is also based on an advantageous system of bonuses paid based on the objectives achieved.
  • Training: In order to have employees who perform their tasks perfectly, a budget is validated every year for training that goes from the initiation of new recruits to microfinance to the development of managers in the various trades, not to mention the staff. Back office. For this, the company is seeking as much credible local training structures as international training centers with a well-established reputation.
  • Internal mobility and career management: As soon as he is recruited, the career plan of the trade positions as loan officer and supervisor are marked out. In addition, in order to encourage internal emulation and avoid sedentarization at workstations, VTC regularly promotes its deserving employees through a regular evaluation of performance.
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