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CopyPress has provided quality printing services to the NYC area and beyond since 1896! We specialize in commercial offset printing and digital printing services to cover all your needs. From brochures to banners, we are your one-stop print shop.

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I just want to thank VTC for doing such a wonderful collaboration with our company CIMARA.



Anje Agwe

Anje Agwe


Great things start from scratch. Many who are wise should learn this.

Leslie Birnso

Leslie Birnso


Working with Visionary Technology Company has not only been an awesome career experience but also a hands-on business experience. Being part of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Cameroon has not only nourished me with valuable digital marketing skills but has also helped me to start my own lead generation agency.

Aimé Babi

Aimé Babi

Lead Generation Specialist | Investor | Businessman