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Job & Career Information

At VTC , we place people at the heart of everything we do, and we want you to be the best you can be.
Since our creation, we continuously put the management of our human capital at the center of our concerns, in line with the shared values of people-first, technology-centered business.
We’re always looking for experienced, ambitious, driven, results oriented, with a strong desire to be part of a team that is working on solutions that is going to solve even their own daily life challenges.

In return we shall provide benefits, opportunities, experiences and stake in a variety of projects both internally for VTC and from VTC Clients or partners.
To this end, the human resources management policy is based on the principles of transparency and objectivity .
The goal is to provide the company with motivated and fulfilled human resources, in sufficient quantity and quality to achieve the expected results.

  • Recruitment: Job offers are made public and applications go through the same filter of written tests and interviews before a jury including managers of the departments concerned. The candidates having obtained the best marks are selected.
  • Remuneration: It is based on fixed and variable pre-established bases, while being sufficiently competitive to attract and retain the best talents in the IT sector in Cameroon. This remuneration is also based on an advantageous system of bonuses paid based on the objectives achieved.
  • Training: In order to have employees who perform their tasks perfectly, a budget is validated each year for training courses ranging from the initiation of new recruits to microfinance to the development of managers in the various trades, without forget about the back office staff. For this, the company calls on both credible local training structures and international training centers with a well-established reputation.
  • Internal mobility and career management: As soon as recruited, a career plan for professional positions such as Programmers, Engineers, and supervisor is marked out. In addition, in order to encourage internal emulation and avoid sedentarization at workstations, VTC regularly promotes its deserving employees through regular performance evaluation.

Interested to be part of VTC?

Spend quality time engaging in proper research about the VTC and VTC brand before finalizing your application. VTC blog and social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn) offer a great window into daily life at VTC and can help you demonstrate your understanding of our community while putting together your submission.

For current Opportunities, Kindly find here apply.vtc.cm ( Note the link is not yet having SSL security , so kindly click on advance to continue)