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Cameroon’s tech startup vtc relaunches SIMS®; it’s e-learning app in light with government’s covid-19 measures.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has within a reasonably short period of time changed the operating system of the entire world with up to 190 countries currently experiencing cases of the virus. Applying the social distancing policy, businesses, churches and even schools have been shut down all around the world in an attempt to reduce and control the spread of the now famous COVID-19. Leaving over half a billion learners out of school for the first time ever.

With education known to be the backbone of every society, governments in all affected countries, Cameroon notwithstanding, are coming up with measures to ensure the continuity of education in the present crisis time. Cameroon government on Thursday, March 27th 2020 to release 13 measures to help fight the COVID-19, with one of these measures being the promotion of the use of Education Technology as a means of education during this period. This being remarkably the very first time the Cameroon Government openly encourages the use of e-learning.

The only learning method which has so far proven itself stable and effective, by countries already applying it with the help of newly developed tech learning platforms.

Visionary Technologies Company (VTC) relaunches its innovative solution called SIMS® (Scholar Information Management System) a learning and school management app designed to provide learners , educators and administrators  with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised & remote learning accessible 24/7 anytime anywhere.

Inspired by the challenges he faced while in school in Cameroon a decade ago, SIMS was conceived with an objective to combine a multitude of solutions to tackle the problems facing the education system in Africa. 



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