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Business Information Management System, An AI Powered ERP that accurately eliminate manual, time-consuming, labor-intensive processes, control your expenditures/reduce other costs, improve your team performances and ultimately meet clients expectation efficiently. With modules like Human Resource, Inventory, Sales & Marketing, Purchase, Finance & Accounting, Customer Relationship, Management(CRM),Engineering/ Production, Supply Chain Management (SCM)

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Customizable CRM, Billing, Accounting & Project Management Software

Built in Flexibility

Customize and adapt to your business needs. Scale-up, adopt new business models. Our business suite application flexibility lets you do it all, quickly and easily. You can use it for any business type, any industry. Enable what you need and disable everything else. If you do not need any feature, you can disable it from Settings. Currency, language, timezone everything can be changed from Settings. No powered by, no copyright links, no license expiration's, it's yours.

BEST ERPs in Cameroon-VTC Cameroon- BIMS® Product
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