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solutions that solve real societal, industrial & business challenges. // What we do daily LEARN MORE
We are 100+ professional software engineers with more than
10 years of experience in delivering superior products.
// We Create Leading Digital Products LEARN MORE
We are 100+ professional software engineers with more than
10 years of experience in delivering superior products.
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Big Picture!

Visionary Technologies ™ Company (VTC) is an innovation-centered technology startup  that designs, develops, and coordinates digital technology solutions that solve real societal, industrial & business challenges.

Founded in the city of Buea (Nicknamed Silicon Mountain), and operations were later moved to Douala, Cameroon.

Our big picture!!!

VTC envisages a world where technology takes the lead in innovation by producing impact-driven solutions to ultimately impact people and businesses positively. 

It’s different for each of us. Creating something could mean starting a business, inventing a product, painting a picture, or cooking a meal. 

At VTC, we believe in creating something that inspires you.

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Our Impact


VTC Cameroon office
  1. VTC has already helped more than a dozen companies in Cameroon to attract more customers and partners through our website creation and development services.
  2. Our Digital Marketing solutions have enabled more than three dozen small and medium-sized businesses, particularly in Douala – Cameroon, to have a digital presence at the height of their brand.
  3.  Up to five (05) subsidiaries of multinationals in Cameroon use our Professional email services to keep in touch with their suppliers, employees, customers, partners, etc. This results in improved productivity and lower costs for their businesses. Know More
// What makes us different

Our Expertise, Tools & Technologies

Visionary Technologies Company is among one of the few starts in Cameroon that believes  in systematic service delivery procedures exploring all affordable tools in technology. To achieve our objectives while handling a project or working on product we take into account the following:

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What does VTC do?

Visionary Technologies Company provides the best technologies to companies and startups that helps them will accurately eliminate manual, time-consuming and labor-intensive processes, control expenditures for raw materials and improve employees performances, reduce other costs, get rid of unnecessary downtime, and meet project deadlines


What does VTC operate?

We operate physically with all regions in Cameroon and as technology firm we have been able to work with clients in other countries around the world seamlessly using our real time technologies.


Is VTC legally registered?

Yes, Visionary Technologies Company is fully registered, pays its dues and also has a team of expert consultants from Legal to Accounting & Tax working to ensure VTC is profitable within all legal frameworks.
For more information you reach to us for more info

Address:Building #700, Carrefour TIFF Akwa-Douala.
Tel: (+237) 233433993 | +237 675 268 990

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Our official Contacts

Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Need help?
We're always here for you
(+237 675 268 890) ( WhatsApp)

Our Head Office:

First Floor, Building #701 Opposite Express Exchange, Carefour TIFF, Boulevard De la Republique, AKWA, Douala.

Office Tel:

(+237 233 433 993 )



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